Can You Get An Online Degree

Many schools are offering online degree programs for bachelors and master’s degrees. Generally you’ll find more high quality programs for master’s degrees because most schools feel their is a need for students to interact directly with faculty and other students during their four year degree.

If you are interesting in pursing an online degree, you need to be brutally honest with yourself and decide if an online college degree is really right for you.  It is easy to get enamored with the idea of sitting around in your pajamas doing course work only to find that you hate the solitude and can’t muter the discipline to study effectively in such a disconnected learning model.

That isn’t to say that online degrees are bad–online degrees have some significant benefits. You just have to really evaluate what will be required of you and make sure it fits your personality and learning style.  Some people may be capable of getting an online degree, but may find that it is 10 times more difficult than in person education because they thrive so much on the interaction with others.

Not every school offers online courses in the same way.  Some classes offer live video feeds where you can interact via a chat window with the teacher and other students while other schools offer little more than 80s style correspondence courses where the United States Postal Service has been replaced with email.  If you learn well from a lecture, you don’t want to be in a program where they are basically going to give you a book and say, “Good luck!”

In the end, your ability to obtain an online degree is going to depend on you personally, so make sure you take the time to fully understand what will be required of you and and think long and hard about how it will fit with your personality.  It also might be worth investigated how your online credits can transfer to a traditional degree if you decide the online option isn’t for you.

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