Combined Degree Programs

Many schools are starting to offer compressed programs that achieve multiple degrees. For example the business school at Columbia University is now offering a three-year degree that will allow you to graduate with an MBA and a law degree. Many other schools offer an MBA degree along with the study of a particular field in a compressed time frame.

These type of degrees can be very beneficial. Not only does it give you a diverse amount of knowledge it does so on a much faster time scale than you would be able to do otherwise. The downside of these type of degrees is that you won’t have quite as much diversity as you would have by taking two separate degrees. First of all all of your studies will occur at the same college. This means you won’t have the benefit of experiencing multiple academic institutions. Furthermore you may find that while your college is strong on one of the degrees the other one is lacking. You can’t choose your school based on the best-of-breed for each degree. Still the ability to complete their degrees quickly and hand-in-hand to be very beneficial in giving you to the job market quickly.

It is probably worth asking employers what they think of particular degrees before spending too much time pursuing one. There may be some negative connotations of the idea of a combined degree. On the other hand there could be some very positive connotations of getting an employee who has the wide range of knowledge that will come with these type of degrees programs.

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