How Hard is a Masters Degree

I’ve seen a lot of people ask how hard it is to get a masters degree. Of course the answer is “it depends”. Although that’s not a very helpful answer to most people. It’s actually the most truthful answer. There are a tremendous number of variables involved in getting a masters degree. What is easy for one person will be hard for another and what is hard for the other will be easy for someone else. There just isn’t a way to give a simple answer.

However in the interest of being helpful I’m going to look at some of the things to consider when looking at the difficulty of a Masters degree. For me personally high school is very difficult. I had to study a number of things I wasn’t very interested in and it required a lot of self discipline and concentration. When I got to college things are significant easier. I still had to take Gen. Ed classes but much more what I was studying related to things I was interested in. It was much easier to study for my undergraduate degree because the topics were much more aligned with my interests.

I probably worked a lot harder. Just because something more interesting doesn’t mean it’s easier. So in terms of how easy college was compared to high school, college was probably a lot harder–but it didn’t seem like it because it was think there was much more interested in.

My masters degree was more of the same. The master’s degree program is even more concentrated on the things I was interested in. This made it seem even easier for me–even though the work was long more difficult.

So you’re starting something that is very interesting to you you’ll probably find that a Masters degree will make it easy to study–meaning it will hold your attention well and you won’t have to spend a lot of time trying to force yourself to concentrate. You may find many things are difficult, but it’s much easier to do something that’s difficult and interesting than something that’s difficult in uninteresting to you.

I have had experiences in education where things were interesting and still extremely extremely difficult. This is often the case when learning something that is very very different than anything I’ve ever learned before. When there represents a whole new way of thinking about something I find it difficult to get my mind around. Some of the hardest classes I’ve ever taken her masters degree classes. So from that standpoint the work can be very difficult.

Still if you went to a decent school for your undergrad degree and studied a topic that was something more than underwater basket weaving, Masters degree work shouldn’t be too far out of your reach in less you happen to choose a very difficult subject or go to an extremely hard school. Chances are there’s a school somewhere that will be a good match for you and a course of study that will leverage your existing skills.

One thing you can do to help get an idea of how difficult a course of study is likely to be is to find out what the expected time commitment is. Many masters degree programs that are aimed at working adults will give you an idea of how much time you should expect to spend in class and how much time should expect to spend studying each semester. These are only rough guides. Your previous experience will probably have a lot to do with how long these activities take. However on average it should give you a pretty good idea of how much time you need to set aside. If you’re taking a few classes some may take longer in some may take shorter but she’ll at least be in the right range.

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