Masters Degree and Signaling

Much of the value of a Masters degree is the signaling it provides. By signaling I mean it gives employers a sign post to help determine what type of employee you would be. On one hand this kind of makes sense. Someone who’s gone through it four years bachelors degree and then completes a two-year masters degree is likely to be someone with stamina and enough endurance to make a good employee.

On the other hand it doesn’t say much about the individuals worth ethic. A Masters jury indicates that you know how to show up for class but that doesn’t mean you’ll make a good employee. Traditionally this type of signaling has worked out well for employees. However the value of a college degree is plummeting as universities seek to make up for deficiencies at the high school level and often end up lowering their standards in order to allow everyone to go to college.

From the standpoint and Masters degree provides an even stronger signal to employers that you aren’t just a student who completed a bachelors to the but you are also capable of completing a Masters degree as well. On one hand this may help show that your the cream of the crop. However Masters reprograms are suffering for many of the same problems that undergraduate programs are running into.

It’s very important to understand that your education is something that is in your own hands area simply putting in your timing getting a Masters degree does not guarantee that you’re going to have the skills you need to compete well in the marketplace. If you want to do well in the business world you’re going to have to put in significant effort at school to not just pass your classes but to become truly educated area universities are wonderful place to learn many things, but the students that do the best are those that really seek out knowledge and try to become more intelligent. Students who simply rely on teachers to feed them information and then spit it back out on the test are not acquiring the full education potential offered at universities.

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