MBA Masters Degree

Many people see an MBA master’s degree as the holy Grail of education.  While there are definitely some advantages in having a masters degree in business administration, it may not be the best fit for every person, every area of the country and every job market.

An MBA degree prepares you to help run a business. One could argue that if you are any good, an MBA education should disqualify you from working from practically anyone else. After all if you are good at running a business why wouldn’t you run your own instead of running someone else’s.

In some cases an MBA education may be too generic.  Many employers are looking for specialized skill. Business administration may be a bit too generic. Even if you want to go into management employers are more likely to look at your experience for those type of skills.

This isn’t to say that an MBA is worthless. Just consider the degree of specialization required by the job market. A highly focused masters degree and a good deal of business common sense is often a winning combination.

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