Multiple Degrees from the same University

If you are planning on getting a bachelor’s degree and a masters degree, one thing you probably question is whether or not you should get both degrees from the same institution.¬† This is a legitimate concern.

If it is a reasonably good educational institution then there is no problem with having both degrees from the same place. However, the real question is whether or not going to a different school would give you any type of advantage. Here are a couple thoughts.

  1. Network diversity – Going to two schools gives you a greater diversity in your network of professors and students that you know. Since getting a job is often a function of who you know, this might increase your chances of getting a job.
  2. Proves your quality – Two schools would show that you made it through the admissions process of two separate institutions so you are probably a safer risk in the job market. In other words it is unlikely that admission both times was a complete fluke. At a single university there is a higher probability that you got in because your uncle is on the board or something.
  3. Shows you can handle change – Every school does things a bit differently. Two schools show that you can successfully handle different environments which demonstrates a certain tolerance for change.
  4. Better chance of having shared experiences with hiring manager – People like to hire people that they feel connected with. Going to two schools increases the chance that the person hiring you will have attended or sent their kids to one of your universities.

Now none of those things are really deal breakers. A lot depends on the quality of the program. Getting an undergraduate degree from Columbia and a masters degree from University of Phoenix or Capella wouldn’t look as good as getting both degrees from Columbia. Getting two degrees from K-State probably isn’t going to hurt. Still, an undergraduate degree from K-State followed up with a masters degree from Stanford¬† would probably make you stand out a bit more.

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