Two Types of College Education

There are two types of college educations. The first type is based on time the second is based on skill. The first type of education we want to talk about is the one where ready much anyone can get a degree as long as they’re willing to put in the required time. Colleges that offer this type of degree are basically getting you in attendance certificate. Unfortunately college’s are forced to differentiate between whether or not they are awarding you a degree based on the amount of time you spent in the class or based on any skills you developed.

The second type of college education is based on skills. These type of colleges are going to have a very high failure rate. You will not be able to get a college degree simply by showing up. If you want to graduate you’re going to have to deeply understand the subject matter you’re studying. Most people assume that all colleges working this way but that’s not necessarily the case. In fact government regulations sometimes require teachers to make all sorts of concessions for students who simply can’t handle the material. It’s not uncommon for students who have trouble reading to get extra help by having the tests read aloud to them in a separate room where they can give verbal answers. If you’re at a school that offers these type of programs to people who would not be able to get the degree otherwise, it’s a good indication that you’re at a school that is rewarding people for their time not for their skills.

Modern society has decided everyone should go to college. This is extremely detrimental because it keeps the value of educational low for the students who have the capability of achieving the most. There are schools that don’t succumb to this type of societal pressure. However, many of the state-run institutions due. Which means that the affordable institutions are often the ones that are not keeping a high standard.

I don’t have any problem with people being admitted to college, but there needs to be a way to quickly fail people out to simply can’t make the cut. It doesn’t do them any long-term advantage to keep them in college, let them acquire debt, and encourage them to head down a career path where they simply cannot succeed.

It’s far better for them to forgo the college education in look at making a living through some sort of trade where they can make good money but without requiring the skills they would need to graduate from college. This doesn’t mean they can’t make a good living. Plumbers, electricians, masons and other workers are in high demand. They offer a skill that is very important and they are paid very well. It may not be the same as a desk job but his good work and makes good money. These type of careers are far more accessible for someone who cannot meet the rigors of a college education.

If we want to see the human race advance, we need to keep our standards for college education high. The more we dumb down what goes into a college education the more we hold back the next generation from reaching its full potential.

Employers are partially to blame as well. I’ve seen many situations where jobs require a degree when a degree is not at all necessary to do the work. Part of this is the employer’s fault, but a lot of it rests on the way they expect people to behave in society. Employers realize that getting a college degree may not mean the person is actually college material. However the fact that they plowed through a two or four year program and showed up enough to get a degree indicates that they will more than likely show up for work. Someone who hasn’t pursued a degree is more of an unknown factor. So employers are often using a college degree just to determine if someone is going to show up for work. This perpetuates the cycle which is detrimental to the workforce, to the students, and to people who want jobs without a degree.

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