Will Employers Hire an Online Degree Graduate?

Will employers hire someone with an online degree?  This is a good question.  The answer is, “It depends.”  Some employers don’t care if you got your degree online or through a traditional school. many jobs in the US that require a college degree don’t really require the training that comes with a degree.  These employers are often using a degree just to separate out the people who are going to show up for work from those who won’t.  They want an employee with a degree because someone who can show up for school for four years stands a pretty good chance of showing up for work.  For these employers, it probably doesn’t matter wether you went to an online college.

When it comes to master’s programs, there are many jobs that don’t require a master’s degree, but they will pay you more if you have it.  For example, in many school systems, teachers with master’s are paid more.  As long as the college is accredited, it doesn’t matter whether it was online or not.  I have seen teachers going through University of Phoenix for this reason–the quality of their education doesn’t matter.  They just need the credentials to up their pay.

On the other hand, jobs that require significant skills may be a bit more picky about where you graduated from school. It isn’t just an issue of online vs. bricks and mortar classrooms.  These employers understand the differences between different universities  and have a pretty good idea of the blindspots each person from a particular school is going to have.  For these employers the quality of the education matters.  They may not have anything against online schools, but many online only institutions have dubious academic reputations and attract a certain type of student.  For example, University of Phoenix is unlikely to attract students who spend a lot of effort in researching which school has the best program for their area of study. Capella University is less likely to attract students who have applied to top private colleges.

So it isn’t that employers will necessarily discriminate against students with online degrees, but they are very likely to discriminate based on the academic reputation of your school.  Because of this, it is important to choose your college with care and and understanding of your long term career goals.

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